How to open a saved Flow

Please follow this guide to open a saved flow in the mpro5 app.

If you were interrupted while completing a flow, or the app was closed, you can pick the flow back up by trying the steps below:

  1. Log into your mpro5 app.
  2. Tap the Worlds tile.
  3. Hit the Saved Forms button.
  4. Here you should see a list of your saved Flows.
  5. Press on the Flow you wish to access to open it.
  6. Once a Flow is complete, you can either start another or return to the home screen.

Don’t forget you can save at any time while completing a flow by tapping the More button in the bottom right corner that looks like three bullet points.

If the saved Flow is not in there saved flows area, please check that the saved sections and saved questions functionality is enabled on your environment. Our mpro5 support team can check for you if you are not sure.