How to create an Asset on the Website

Assets allow you to build up history against a piece of equipment or object such as a vacuum or a fridge. You can attach assets to Jobs, Flows, and CRM categories.

To create an asset on the website, follow the steps below:

  1. To create an asset login to your mpro5 website, then click the Assets tile.
  2. You will now see a list of assets along with information including the barcode and the Location.
  3. To add an asset, click the Plus icon, this will bring up a new window.
  4. The asset creation screen has a number of fields you can fill for the new asset. You do not have to fill all of these in but the more information you do add the more useful the entry will be:
    Field Name Data Type
    Asset Number A free text field for entering a unique asset number.
    Serial Number A free text field for entering an asset’s serial number.
    Enabled A field for enabling or disabling the asset. Disabled assets are still in the system but they can’t be seen or interacted with by other users. You can enable them again at any time using the Disabled tab on the assets page.
    Barcode  A free text field for entering a barcode number.
    Barcode Location This will tell users where on the asset they can find the relevant barcode. E.g. The barcode is on the right hand side of the main body of the hoover.
    Asset A free text field for entering the name of the asset.
    Notes  A free text field for entering and important notes.
    Warranty Start/ Warranty End These two options let you fill in the start and end date of the asset’s warranty.
    Install Date Choose the date the asset was installed if relevant (i.e. you might install a fridge but this wouldn’t apply to a mop and bucket.)
    Manufacturer/Model This a dropdown menu for selecting the manufacturer and model. If the option you’re looking for is not here, contact your mpro5 administrator.
    Customer A dropdown field for selecting the customer you want this asset to be associated with.
    Site A dropdown field for selecting the site, depending on the customer selected.
    Location  A dropdown field for selecting the location, depending on the site selected.
    Depot  A dropdown field for selecting the access group or ‘Depot’ to lock the asset to. E.g. You might want a hoover to only be accessible to a particular cleaning team.

  5. Fill in the relevant details for the asset and click the Save icon when you are finished. Remember you can always go back and add more details by editing the asset.