How to Create a Job from a Quote on the Website

Please follow this guide on how to create a Job from a Quote.

  1. Click on the three bars on the mpro5 website homepage next to the navigation hub.
  2. Click on Sales & Returns then Quotes from the dropdown.
  3. Search for the Quote by two ways:

    a) Select Apply from the bottom of the filter on the right hand side, then enter the Quote Number into the Search bar at the top left corner of the search grid. (By entering it here, it will search everywhere for the Quote)
    b) You can search using the filter on the right hand side either when you first load the page or by selecting the magnifying glass icon from the top right corner of the grid.

    • The filter will have the below criteria that you can search on:

    • Customer

    • Site

    • Parent Region

    • Region

    • Region Site

    • A tick box to show disabled Data

  4. Select the Details button of the Quote and then select the Calendar icon from the row of icons at tope left just below the Quote Number.

  5. A "Convert to Job" pop up box will appear, here you can schedule in the Job with the below criteria:

Field Name

Data Type


Date/Time Format


Date/Time Format

Mobile User

Dropdown with available Mobile Users to assign the job to


Dropdown with available Customers.


Dropdown with available Sites from the Customer you selected above.


Dropdown with available Locations from the Site you selected above.

Sub Location

Dropdown with available Sub Locations from the Location you selected above.


Dropdown with available Contracts that are from the customer you selected above.


Dropdown with available SLA's that are from the Contract you selected above.

Job Type

Dropdown with available Job types.

Update quote to

You can enter a new Quote number here.

The system will now create the job with the criteria you have selected above.

Note: The quotes module needs to be activated and your account given permissions to use it. If you can’t find it then please ask your mpro5 administrator to give you access.