Downloading mpro5 from the iOS App Store

If your new to mpro5 and haven't installed the application on your device to complete audits or jobs, then please follow the steps below to download mpro5 from the iOS App Store:


Step 1. 

Open the App Store on your device.


Step 2. 

Select Search at the bottom right and then type in "mpro5" into the search bar at the top of the screen.  


Step 3.

Select the "Install" option.


Step 4.

Once the app is installed, open it and you will come to a screen where it asks you to register your company name.

This will look like "mproYourCompanyName", if you don't know what this name is, please contact your mpro5 admin within your business to assist.

Once you know the company name, enter it into the app and select Register.

As long as you have a sufficient internet connection, this should connect quite quickly.


Step 5.

The next screen will be your login screen where you enter your username and password.

You can enable the ‘Remember Me’ so that it saves your username.

If you are unsure of your credentials, please ask your mpro5 admin to assist.