Creating a Location

To create a new Location, follow the steps below:

Typically, Location is the third step down in your CRM hierarchy (Customer > Site > Location). 
  1. Click the button that looks like three white bars at the top of the home page next to the mpro5 logo.
  2. Select the Locations tile.
  3. Click the Plus icon at the top left of the grid.
  4. The Location creation screen will let you fill in a number of details about the Location. You do not have to use every field as some may not be relevant to your operations:
  5. When you are ready, select the Save icon in the bottom right to save the Site.

Field Name

Data Type


Put the name of your Location here.


A numerical code that is unique to the location.


A field for enabling or disabling the site. Disabled sites are still in the system but they can’t be seen or interacted with by other users. You can enable them again at any time using the Disabled tab on the sites page.


You can enter a barcode number here if you wish to attach a tag to a location.


This dropdown menu lets you choose which customer you want to assign the location to.


You can choose which site to associate the location with using this dropdown menu.

Location Type

This dropdown menu lets you choose the type of location.

You will need to have the correct permissions to create Locations. If you are unable to, please ask your mpro5 admin to give you access.