Adding a Customer

Customer is typically the highest group in your CRM.

If you would like to add a new customer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Customers tile, or alternatively, select the three stacked lines next to the Navigation Hub, then select the Customers tile.
  2. Select the Plus icon at the top left of the grid to add a new customer.
  3. The next 'Create Customer' screen will let you fill in a number of details about the customer. You do not have to use every field as some may not be relevant to your operations
    Field Name Data Type
    Code This is a numerical field, used to give your customer a unique code.
    Customer You can put the name of your customer here.
    Search by Postcode This box will let you input a postcode and auto-fill the address details. If this doesn’t work you can enter these manually.
    Address 1 Put the first line of the Customer’s address here. E.g. 12 Johnsmith Lane
    Address 2 Put the second line of your customer’s address here. E.g. Johnsmith Business Park, Donnington
    Address 3 The third line of the customer’s address can go here. E.g. Berkshire
    Post Code Use this field if Search by Postcode didn’t work.
    Tel Number You can put the customer’s primary contact number here.
    Contact This will be your primary point of contact with the Customer - an operations manager for example.
    Email You can put the customer’s primary email address contact here.
    Depot This dropdown menu determines who in your business can see the customer and whether they receive alerts and jobs from them. There is an option to give everyone access.
    Late Job Alert You can either set this to True or False. If set to True, an alert will be sent out if a job is late. If set to False, no alert is sent.
    Reject Job Alert You can either set this to True or False. If set to True, alerts will be sent out if a job is rejected.
    Media This allows you attach a specific image to the customer, such as a logo, that will show for mobile users when using the app.
    Customer Report Logo Blob URI This field will let you upload an image, typically a logo, that will be automatically added to any reports you generate.
    Enabled A field for enabling or disabling the customer. Disabled customers are still in the system but they can’t be seen or interacted with by other users. You can enable them again at any time using the Disabled tab on the customers page.
    Customer Status Use this field to set the status of a customer. For example, you may need to mark them as having not payed and therefore ineligible for service.
    Status Description You can use this free-text field to provide further details on a customer. E.g. Jane doe has missed their monthly payment, all work suspended until further notice.

  4. When you are ready, select the Save icon (floppy disk) in the top left to save the customer.

Note: You will need to have the correct permissions to create Customers. If you are unable to, please ask your mpro5 admin to give you access.