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26 May 2023

What Ensures a Successful Implementation of SAP With a Third Party Mobile App?

A successful deployment of SAP with mpro5 requires careful planning, attention to detail, and consideration of various factors. Here are some key aspects that contribute to a successful SAP deployment with mpro5:

23 Feb 2023

Improving Public Transport Passenger Numbers with Data | mpro5

Passenger numbers on UK public transport have nosedived since the Covid-19 pandemic started. And with new commuting habits now deeply ingrained, transport operators face a challenge to tempt people back to their services. 

23 Feb 2023

Meet the Team - Rob Stevens

We sat down with Tier 2 Support and Configuration Analyst Rob Stevens, to discuss all things support, what makes us different from an average SaaS company and why he enjoys working at mpro5...

23 Feb 2023

Meet the Team – Kerry-Anne Nissim

We sat down with Kerry-Anne to discuss what being a business analyst entails, why it plays such a critical role in the success of implementation, and why helping our customers is so satisfying. 

23 Feb 2023

Meet the Team - George Budden

We sit down with Tier 1 Support Analyst George Budden to discuss his role in supporting customers, and why mpro5's service and support stands out from your typical SaaS offering...

23 Feb 2023


Driving a train takes high levels of skill and concentration. And with passenger and public safety at stake on every journey, it carries a great deal of responsibility too.