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Professional cleaners Incentive QAS want their staff to love working for them and clients to love working with them, and mpro5 helps them to deliver on both objectives. By using smart FM technology, Incentive QAS can work intelligently while still delivering an excellent customer service. 


Staff on the ground use the mpro5 app to record their work, follow instructions and perform routines. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors fitted in their clients’ facilities provide real-time data that can trigger remedial actions, automating the decision-making process for allocating resources efficiently. Workflows and automated alerts guide staff through their processes and let them focus on doing the best job possible. As they work, their mobile devices passively collect data that would normally be manually entered into reports or logbooks. 


The platform works by making the jobs the cleaners are doing, the procedures they need to follow and the capturing of data, intrinsically linked.  

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We had a system in place but whenever we asked it for a report, it took a long time just to get the data out. We knew we needed to change, but we were nervous about losing the base of a system that was working in the field, even if it was weak on the business side. mpro5 made this move easy and we are now improving the way we work with data, opening it up to our customers and delivering it in real-time. The support, customer experience and returns have been invaluable.” Jamie Wright, Managing Director


Incentive QAS are ensuring the highest standards of service and cleanliness for their clients. Access to instant and live data has let the professional cleaners make significant savings and efficiencies. The combination of sensors and reactive cleaning mean they work smarter not harder.  


In one instance, they were able to reduce the number of cleaners needed to monitor 90 banks of toilets by more than 40% using dynamic scheduling and cleaning on demand. In partnership with mpro5, Incentive QAS are leading the way in smart facilities and cleaning. 



Incentive QAS had been using a point solution for their cleaning patrol, but the software had poor web capabilities and inadequate support. Getting useful data out of the system was a drawn-out process and it was inflexible, making adapting the software to evolving requirements difficult.Paying for a solution that creates more work for its users was frustrating and made it, ultimately, redundant.


We worked together with the Incentive QAS team to configure their mpro5 platform that will grow with them as their requirements change. We created a dynamic dashboard that instantly gave them a visual representation of the information that they always need to see. mpro5 has unified and standardised their auditing of customer works, providing a far greater level of transparency and consistency.  


Follow-up jobs and remedial actions can also be generated by the data captured. This is fed back into the mpro5 platform, which then structures the data to provide invaluable information, collating it for effective reports and auditing. Custom dashboards also provide a way for teams to quickly assess the live situation on any site and deploy resources to respond appropriately and effectively. 


Because Incentive QAS work across many customer sites with different needs, we made sure that the auditing process was still flexible enough to meet individual customer needs. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors were also installed to track bathroom visits and build a dynamic scheduling system: Toilets only get cleaned when they have recorded a set number of visits, and mpro5 users on the ground can track the most urgent jobs.  


Incentive QAS work smart and clean reactively, making them a more efficient and effective business.  The tangible benefits they experience are then passed onto their customers, allowing them to offer a competitive and compelling cleaning solution.


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