Creating Brilliant Brand Standards For Compass

mpro5 helps Compass with brilliant brand standards across their customers’ buildings, stores and premises. With over 15,000 sites across the UK and Ireland alone, their previous paper based solution was inefficient, wasting company time and money. 


mpro5 covers the breadth and width of hard and soft Facilities Management services using phones and tablets. It is perfectly placed to allow Compass Group to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Mobile staff are empowered to go about their daily tasks with everything they need.


Smart, Efficient Delivery At Scale

Compass Brands
"mpro5 is proud to work alongside Compass Group, and continues to adapt and grow their system all the time. Compass Group continue to trust the mpro5 to be highly reactive to their needs, but with attention to detail.”

A Partnership In Facilities Management & Security

We have worked closely with Compass Group for many years to provide the ideal solution, managed devices and support for their requirements.


Save Time

Delivery drivers use the app to quickly record deliveries with smart tagging technology and efficient workflows.

Be Agile

Changing the delivery workflows or altering drop schedules can be achieved and deployed over-the-air quickly by our team.

Save Money

Costs have been cut and the returns of unread copies has been reduced to just 1% since using mpro5.

Drive Performance

Over 20 hours per week saved in Admin time due to automatic reporting and alerting. Readership has also incrased.

“Compass Group use mpro5 across its many brands, including 14Forty, ESS, Chartwells, LSS, Restaurant Associates, and Eurest. Compass use mpro5 in sites from Chelsea Football Club to Wimbledon.”

Our Approach

The Challenge
The Solution
The Challenge

Operations at scale

Compass Group operate in a number of areas across industries, including maintenance, catering, security, cleaning and more. Clearly, each of these areas have numerous processes from food safety monitoring, to security checks. With over 15,000 sites and undergoing so many processes every day at each, paperwork was stacking up.



With manual means of auditing, performing daily jobs and checks was both time-consuming and expensive. When completing paperwork, Compass Group faced time lags before they were able to receive it and make reports. Also, the reports themselves took a long time to make. Overall, this inefficient reporting also gave a lack of visibility across the business.

The Solution

mpro5 helps Compass with brilliant brand standards by allowing them to get jobs done on a phone or tablet. Below outlines the different ways Compass Group use mpro5, which shows how flexible the solution really is.


Compass Group use mpro5 across its many brands, including 14Forty, ESS, Chartwells, LSS, Restaurant Associates, and Eurest. Compass use mpro5 in sites from Chelsea Football Club to Wimbledon.


No matter the subject, mpro5 helps them get the job done on a phone or tablet. Clearly, Compass trust mpro5 to be flexible to all of their needs.



Keeping a building clean is important for the efficient running of a business and the health, safety and happiness of your workers and visitors. Using mpro5, Compass Group employees carry out a range of cleaning services, using the their mobile devices.

  • Users perform periodic and scheduled cleans, capturing proof of works on the job.
  • When users report a maintenance request, mpro5 triggers remedial and follow up actions
  • mpro5 helps cleaners capture incidents, and sends them off immediately
  • With photo evidence, Compass are protected against false insurance claims. This is similar to how Tesco use mpro5.
  • mpro5 is the tool that Compass use to audit cleaning to ensure they meet the highest standards for their customers
  • The app also records user-friendly customer satisfaction surveys



Better control and overview

Compass Group are more efficient with managing their large workforce. For example, they now know where their staff are and what they are doing, with ease. In addition, they can now react quickly in the case of a maintenance request, since mpro5 schedules it automatically for them. With all of their constituent parts using mpro5, having one common system makes it easy to standardise data and processes too.


Reactivity and improvements

Compass have also improved their rate of hitting Service Level agreements. mpro5’s maps and graphs allow Compass group to look at trends across their entire workforce. As a result, they can intelligently drive improvements and are achieving KPIs. Therefore, Compass can win and retain contracts by demonstrating improved pass rates. Finally, by saving time from manual forms and reports, they have improved their reactivity and reputation.

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