Compliant Food Service, Every Time

For food service company Chartwells, the Daily Food Quality Audit ensures that they meet customer expectations safely, consistently and to the same high standard every time.


Getting this wrong could have serious consequences for the health of their customers, as well as reputational, legal and financial repercussions. We worked with Chartwells to develop an audit solution that is reliable and makes best practice easy to follow. 


Staff use their mpro5 app to carry out Daily Food Quality Audits at individual units. This surfaces the data in two ways: firstly, for Regional Managers to track food compliance on a live basis and secondly, in structured visualisations that allow management to spot trends and issues, allowing for more effective intervention. We also help Chartwells to maintain consistent brand standards through a separate audit.


“Compliance is of course a priority for us and part of that is completing audits. Now we have mpro5 it is so much easier to do these quickly and, crucially, do them right.” Lorraine Foyle, Operations Director


Chartwells now have a reliable and simple system for guaranteeing that they meet customer expectations for safety and quality. This includes checking if the correct medical diets are served to the right customers, if the right ingredients are being used and confirming food safety practice is being followed.


Staff perform this audit, as well as a brand standards audit, easily and thoroughly thanks to a detailed workflow that can only be completed by filling in all the appropriate information. This means that staff can no longer abandon jobs in the “to do” pile. Answers to questions can trigger remedial actions which generate their own data so that managers can check the progress of outstanding jobs.


Staff have appreciated the change, saying that it makes these important processes easier to follow and provides better accountability. Real visibility of their data has empowered management to spot trends and change cultural behaviour. Chartwells can now proactively improve their processes in an agile manner.


Chartwells manage over two thousand sites across the education sector, from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities. Historically, there was no system for ensuring that the right ingredients, menus and medical diets were served.


There was also no reliable way for managers to check that kitchen staff were following procedures correctly and senior management had no visibility of this.


Remedial or corrective actions were completed either by spreadsheet or email, resulting in poor consistency and no real audit trail. This was especially concerning with regards to food safety, which could have serious health implications for customers. It was a struggle to meet customer expectations consistently.


Using the mpro5 platform, we worked with Chartwells to create and digitise their Daily Food Quality Audit. Kitchen staff perform these checks using the app, which guide them through every necessary step.

Workflows can trigger remedial actions and Managers can see live status updates on any that are outstanding or completed. We were also able break this audit into smaller sections to make it more manageable and easier to verify.


Devices send audit data to the mpro5 platform, where users can see useful visualisations of data and drill down into anything they need more detail on. Staff are also given detailed instructions on how to best carry out any procedure, including food preparation, ensuring the offering stays consistently high in quality.

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