Galaxy Note 10 – Yes, please

Our focus this month is very much on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (a favourite device of ours). Look at that screen and who doesn’t love a pen? Plus, 5G has only just come out and one of the Note 10s is already 5G-enabled. We’re looking forward to experiencing the speed of 5G nationwide soon.

We’ve seen so many phones and tablets come and go during our (long time) in the Industry… who remembers PDAs? Phones got really small then really, really big. Phones are now as powerful as computers, where do they go from here? Tom’s Hardware review here is much more in depth than we can do!

Our favourite feature of the Galaxy Note 10 is the under the screen fingerprint scanner. We’ve seen fingerprint scanning for unlocking your phone and Touch ID, but Samsung have set a new bar for easy smartphone security. FaceID doesn’t cut it when you’re wearing sunglasses.

In fact, we love Samsung phones and tablets in general, like Tab Actives. Our customers use them all the time and sometimes we lock them down so that users can only see and use certain things on it. They also often like us to put a rugged case on it – no one wants a smashed screen! We supply the best data, voice (or both) SIM cards too. If you’d like to enquire, contact us.

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